Friday, May 3, 2019

POP GO THE SAILORS TICKET INFORMATION!  Tickets to this year’s Pop Go the Sailors 20th Century concerts are now available to the general public!

You can purchase your tickets by following this direct link: CLICK HERE!

For more ticket details, keep reading!

Pop Go the Sailors “20th Century”  will take place on Thursday, May 16th, Friday, May 17th and Saturday, May 18th at 7pm.

Ticket Prices

All main floor center/front tickets: $12*

All balcony left/right box seats $12*

All main floor house left and right tickets: $8*

All main balcony tickets: $6*

*Ticket prices INCLUDES ticket service fees we pay of $0.70 per ticket and 3.5% of gross sale.



You can also get to the website here:

If you use the second link above (, once at the site type: MONA SHORES or POP GO THE SAILORS in the “Find a Show” box at the top of the site and our show should pop up. Be patient, it can take a few seconds and do not hit the enter key until our show is displayed. Then click on the show and it will take you to the purchase tickets section.

Here are a couple of quick instructional videos to help you walk through the purchase process:

Quick Version Video Link-less than 60 seconds but less in depth.

Long Version Video Link-just over two minutes but more in depth.

If it is more than 2 weeks prior to the event, you will have the OPTION to have your tickets mailed–very few people select this option and it costs more ($1.75 additional charge), and you can choose your preferred shipping method on this screen. It is the first option that comes up, so some people just assume that’s the only option. Make certain to click so the drop down menu opens and you will see an email option. Most people choose to download and print their tickets immediately, or you can simply show your tickets on your phone at the door.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the show!

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NEW! Here is our tickets sold count as of 7:30 am on Friday morning:

Thursday: Sold 415 (49.11% of the house). Available: 430

Friday: Sold 509 (60.24% of the house). Available: 336

Saturday: Sold 591 (69.94 of the house): Available: 254

NEW! With everything going on, this year’s Pop Program and the opportunity to purchase advertising for your graduating senior nearly escaped us. Special thanks to Don Trygstad who has picked up the torch and is running with this so we can still get it done.

Pop week is just over a week away now though, and we need to complete the program and get it to the printer by next week!
Therefore, we are going to do a very quick turnaround time on advertising in this year’s Pop Go the Sailors Program.All advertising is going to be due by this coming Monday, no later than 6 pm.
See the attached advertising contract for further details and/or to place an ad.
NEW! Treble Choir-Here is a video of your choreography with our own Erin Robere!

THIS WEEKEND! Go see this show! Molly and I saw it last night and it’s really great!

Muskegon Civic Theater presents, “Shrek” the musical this weekend (May 2-5)! Come out and support Jakari Carson, Julia Uganski, Spencer Klairter, Jamelle Sargent, Jake Trygstad and Noah Zimmer who are all in the show (JaiLynn’s sister is the voice of the Dragon!) and it’s Choreographed by Erin Robere and the pit is conducted by Phil DeYoung!

They have a two for the price of one balcony seats special with student ID FYI!

Here is a direct link to purchase tickets.



Due to a lack of acts signed up, the Pop picture shoots and the idea has been cancelled.

REMINDER-BEGINS THIS SUNDAY! It’s time to construct this year’s Pop Go the Sailors set. Here are the dates:
Also if possible bring screw guns! 
                          Sunday May 5th 9am to 5pm

Wednesday May 8th 6pm to 9pm 
Thursday May 9th 6pm to 9pm
Friday May 10th 6pm to 9pm
Saturday May 11th 10am 5pm
Sunday May 12th 1pm to 5pm
REMINDER-PARENT VOLUNTEER HELP NEEDED! Have your parents signed up to help out during Pop week yet? We sent them an email recently inviting them to do so. It’s just like Tree…we can’t do this huge productions without adult help because you are all too busy to do these things! Encourage them to follow this link to sign up! CLICK HERE!
Of special note, we are in need of more Dads to oversee the guys dressing room (choir room) during Pop week.
REMINDER-POP COSTUMES INFORMATION! Here is all the information we went over regarding what you need to get for costumes for Pop Go the Sailors:
Opener – “1999” by Prince, All Choirs
Bring on the 80’s and 90’s inspired outfits but also it is a song by “Prince” so you should add some purple to your costume.
Examples include:
A Purple shirt, purple T shirt, purple vest, or purple dresses. It could be also be a 90’s tracksuit with all the bright colors with some purple in it.
Bright colors (hot pink, bright yellow, orange …etc) and we encourage you to add accessories such as ties, scarves, gloves, hair accessories….
Let these colors below in this first picture be your inspiration!
Treble choir- Sister Act (Medley)
Nun like costume
You will need to get a long sleeved black T shirt, and you will wear your choir skirt and your choir shoes, also if you can find or make a big cross on a long chain or a rosary that would be nice. Perhaps a rope to tie around your waist would be great too.
We will provide you with nun habits and collars!
Anchormen- Boogie Wonderland
70’s style bands (disco) think wide bottom pants, white pants (don’t have to be white, just an idea), sparkly colorful or shimmery tops or tunic style top that you might find in your parents or grandparents closet and then high top shoes, and maybe even an afro wig.



Singers- Bohemian Rhapsody 
Odd black and white clothing with checkers or stripes. It could also be solid black and white but oddly put together. For example, a solid black tutu and striped or checkered tights or leggings, two different socks. Another example would be striped leggings or tight pants, white tank top and motorcycle black jacket.
Accapella -Rock and Roll is Here to Stay (Medley)
50’s costumes-Pastel colors, solid or polka dots.
Poodle/ circle skirts and shirts or Circle skirt dresses, legging and tops (see pictures)
Accessories like bandanas or short scarves tied around your neck or your hair. Pearls, wide belts, and flat sneakers shoes would also work.
NEW! The end of the year choir banquet will once again be held at the most tasty Muskegon Country Club. Put the date in your calendars people…Tuesday, May 21st. You can begin arriving at 6pm and dinner is at 6:30 pm followed by senior awards, mock awards a DJ and dancing the night away on the shores on Muskegon Lake.
The banquet cost is $25 per person. You contribution is just $8 (same as last year). The Mona Shores Choir Parents’ Association (MSCA) will pay the rest! The money is due no later than next week Friday.



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