Tuesday, May 14, 2019

POP GO THE SAILORS TICKET INFORMATION!  Tickets to this year’s Pop Go the Sailors 20th Century concerts are now available to the general public!

You can purchase your tickets by following this direct link: CLICK HERE!

For more ticket details, keep reading!

Pop Go the Sailors “20th Century”  will take place on Thursday, May 16th, Friday, May 17th and Saturday, May 18th at 7pm.

Ticket Prices

All main floor center/front tickets: $12*

All balcony left/right box seats $12*

All main floor house left and right tickets: $8*

All main balcony tickets: $6*

*Ticket prices INCLUDES ticket service fees we pay of $0.70 per ticket and 3.5% of gross sale.



You can also get to the website here: www.ShowTix4U.com

If you use the second link above (www.ShowTix4U.com), once at the site type: MONA SHORES or POP GO THE SAILORS in the “Find a Show” box at the top of the site and our show should pop up. Be patient, it can take a few seconds and do not hit the enter key until our show is displayed. Then click on the show and it will take you to the purchase tickets section.

Here are a couple of quick instructional videos to help you walk through the purchase process:

Quick Version Video Link-less than 60 seconds but less in depth.

Long Version Video Link-just over two minutes but more in depth.

If it is more than 2 weeks prior to the event, you will have the OPTION to have your tickets mailed–very few people select this option and it costs more ($1.75 additional charge), and you can choose your preferred shipping method on this screen. It is the first option that comes up, so some people just assume that’s the only option. Make certain to click so the drop down menu opens and you will see an email option. Most people choose to download and print their tickets immediately, or you can simply show your tickets on your phone at the door.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the show!

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NEW! Here is our tickets sold count as of 7:40  am on TUESDAY (5/14) morning (there are 845 available per show):

Thursday: Sold 511 (60.47% of the house). Available: 334

Friday: Sold 615 (72.78% of the house). Available: 230

Saturday: Sold 683 (80.83 of the house): Available: 162

REMINDER-POP WEEK SCHEDULE! Hey Kids! Here is the Pop Week (Plus) Evening Rehearsal Schedule for next week/end of year:

May 11th & 12th Sat-Sun. All Day Pop Go the Sailors Load in Auditorium Anyone willing
May 13th Mon. 6 pm -? See separate schedule below! Pop Go the Sailors Rehearsal Auditorium Specialty Act Students Only at specified times TBA
May 14th Tues. Check in by 5:55 pm-until last act you are in is done or you can stay and watch. Only time you’ll see the show! Pop Go the Sailors Rehearsal Auditorium All Choir Students
May 15th Wed. Check in by 5:55 pm-9:30pm(ish) (must stay entire time!) Pop Go the Sailors Rehearsal Auditorium All Choir Students
May 16th Thurs. Check in by 6:30 pm for a 7:00pm-9:30pm Pop Go the Sailors Show Auditorium All Choir Students
May 17th Fri. Check in by 6:30 pm for a 7:00pm-9:30pm Pop Go the Sailors Show Auditorium All Choir Students
May 18th Sat. Check in by 6:30 pm for a 7:00pm-9:30pm Pop Go the Sailors Show Auditorium All Choir Students
May 19th Sun. TBA (typically begins at 1 pm ish) Pop Go the Sailors Strike Set Auditorium Anyone willing
May 21st Tues. 6:00pm-9:30pm Choir Awards Banquet/Dance Musk. Country Club Anyone interested
May 28th Tues. 7:00pm-9:00pm MSHS Graduation Walker Arena Seniors in Choir Only


NEW! Here is the show order for the rest of the week!


REMINDER-FRONT DRESSING ROOM ASSIGNMENTS! Here is the list of who is in the front dressing rooms for this year’s Pops show. The decision of who goes in these dressing rooms is based on how many specialty acts you’re in, as well as grade. All guys in 2 or more acts are in the front dressing room. All women with 3 or more acts, and all junior and senior women with 2 acts are in the front dressing room. Click here to see the list!


REMINDER! CSEB Members. Here is the sign-up sheet for checking in students this week (begins Tuesday)!


NEW! Need to practice/memorize “The Long and Winding Road”? Follow this link to listen to practice tracks for your part, or all girls/all guys or the full song!


NEW! (FOR TREBLE CHOIR)! Pop THE RULES! To view them, click here. View them, ’cause you need to follow them! CLICK HERE!

NEW! It’s that time of year again! MOCK ELECTIONS for choir! Juniors and seniors only may vote. It’s all explained in this link…follow it!
WE ARE DESPERATE-PARENT VOLUNTEER HELP STILL NEEDED! Have your parents signed up to help out during Pop week yet? We sent them an email recently inviting them to do so. It’s just like Tree…we can’t do this huge productions without adult help because you are all too busy to do these things! Encourage them to follow this link to sign up!CLICK HERE!
Of special note, we are in need of more Dads to oversee the guys dressing room (choir room) during Pop week.
REMINDER! POP COSTUMES INFORMATION-ALL COSTUMES NEEDED BY TODAY (TUESDAY, MAY 14)! Here is all the information we went over regarding what you.  Follow this link to view explanations and photo examples of the costumes you need for Pop Go the Sailors. This link has been updated as people were sometimes unable to view the original pictures I posted here. 
NEW! Brooklyn Anderson, Maria Skeans and JaNiya Lee, you have costumes pieces to pick up from the rack in the choir room.
All that have borrowed costume pieces from us are responsible to return them after the Saturday night show on the same hanger (the one that has your name taped to it). Thanks!
NEW! Mr. Closz (MSMS Choir Director) is looking for some choir kids (preferably upperclassman) to help with Mini-Pops on Thursday, May 23rd beginning at 6:15 pm and the concert will end around 8:45 pm. You will be doing things like monitoring behavior backstage and keeping students in their correct spots while specialty acts and other choir’s songs are happening on stage. Interested. Get your name on the sheet!

NEW! This is random, but Isaac Varela, I need to see you!

BANQUET ($8) IS NOW PAST DUE! The end of the year choir banquet will once again be held at the most tasty Muskegon Country Club. Put the date in your calendars people…Tuesday, May 21st. You can begin arriving at 6pm and dinner is at 6:30 pm followed by senior awards, mock awards a DJ and dancing the night away on the shores on Muskegon Lake.
The banquet cost is $25 per person. You contribution is just $8 (same as last year). The Mona Shores Choir Parents’ Association (MSCA) will pay the rest! The money is due no later than next week Friday.

REMINDER! The Young Americans Summer Camp is coming back to Mona Shores High School!

Open to students entering grades 3 – college in the surrounding area. Join this international touring cast July 9th – 13th at Mona Shores High School for 35 hours of high-energy, comprehensive performing arts camp. Students will experience everything from vocal techniques, dance, and comedy improvisation, to stage movement, sound, lighting, and more.

Each camp culminates in a 2-hour performance for the community. By learning a show in just 5 days, students are able to learn teamwork, discover their individual potential, and walk away with a huge sense of accomplishment at the end of the week, all in an encouraging and positive atmosphere!

Cost: $219. Save $15 per camper when you sign up multiple students on the same registration. Limited scholarships are available, simply register and just before the payment page there is an option to submit a scholarship application.

REMINDER-NEXT WEEK TUESDAY (MAY 21st)-YA SCHOLARSHIPS! Is the Young Americans Summer Camp something you would like to do? Want a scholarship to help pay for it. Fill out this short form and apply for one today! Forms are due no later than Tuesday, May 21st.   Print an application here:


To register, follow this link: CLICK HERE!



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