Friday, June 7, 2019


REMINDER! Congratulations to the following 2019-2020 Scholarship Recipients and thanks to all that auditioned! Just for showing up and going for it, you should be proud! 

Sebastian Barnett
Jakari Carson
Hannah Clark
Carrigan Conaway
Deserra Davis
Donaven Dekuiper
Savanna Donahue
Skyler Fellows
Christian Fletcher
Jacob Gravlin
Livi Holliday
Raine Jackson
Spencer Klairter
Ja’Niaha Lee
Mia Newman
Isaac Powell
Sophie Recknagel
Ethan Sabourin
Timmy Schneider
Erin Sullivan
Lauren Vanderplow
Sierrah Vredeveld



Upon acceptance of the scholarship, the student must attend District Solo & Ensemble or Musical Theatre Festival during the following school year, or an approved Music Camp during the summer immediately following the audition (summer of 2018). Students may use scholarship money to pay all lesson costs and any registration and accompanist fees.

All money must be used in the year following acceptance; money not used in this time frame reverts to the Choir Association General Fund.

Further, if you choose to study private voice must regularly attend voice lessons and demonstrate your gratitude by working hard, preparing music with integrity and caring, meet deadlines set by your teacher, showing up to lessons on time, remembering when your lessons are and attending them without being asked or reminded. Voice students should not complain or whine about the work that is studying voice.

Students who choose to attend a summer music camp should be timely, attend every day, work hard and be committed, go above and beyond, seek ways to be of help and attend the concert(s), performing to the very best of your ability. Scholarship students should not complain or whine about the work that is involved in a summer music camp.

If/when necessary, both parent(s) and/or student will assure that transportation to and from lessons/summer camps/solo and ensemble are arranged in advance.

REMINDER: Seniors–Your Pop Go the Sailors DVDs are in the FRONT office! Get them soon please!
NEW!  The results for next year’s Pop Theme are in! 
Hellos and Goodbyes 15.8%
Kids/Disney 25..3%
Songs after 2000 26.6%
The Five Senses 32.3% WINS!
REMINDER! Singers–follow this link to sign up to bring something for Tuesday: CLICK HERE!

NEW! Meet YOUR midwest cast, who will be here in July!



The Young Americans Summer Camp is coming back to Mona Shores High School July 9-13!

Open to students entering grades 3 – college in the surrounding area. Join this international touring cast July 9th – 13th at Mona Shores High School for 35 hours of high-energy, comprehensive performing arts camp. Students will experience everything from vocal techniques, dance, and comedy improvisation, to stage movement, sound, lighting, and more.

Each camp culminates in a 2-hour performance for the community. By learning a show in just 5 days, students are able to learn teamwork, discover their individual potential, and walk away with a huge sense of accomplishment at the end of the week, all in an encouraging and positive atmosphere!

Cost: $219. Save $15 per camper when you sign up multiple students on the same registration.

NEW! If you would like to be a Young Americans host family and be a homestay for two or more Young Americans cast members, you can sign up for this opportunity when you register. You get a discount of $50 for being a homestay family, plus VIP seating for the concert.

Who are the Young Americans Video Link: CLICK HERE!
The Young Americans Live Performances Video Link: CLICK HERE!

The MSHS Choir Young Americans Scholarship recipients will be announced soon! 

To register, follow this link: CLICK HERE!


PLEASE BE CAREFUL: Soon the choir lists will be posted. Please make good decisions about using technology to share your emotions! Sharing your happy or sad thoughts (excited or angry thoughts) can be very dangerous to your relationships with your friends in the Performing Arts Department, as well as your future in the Choir and Theater Department.

If you don’t make the choir that you have been hoping for, please take some time away from your phone and your computer. ALSO, if you DO get in the choir that you have been hoping for, be careful of what you put into print! You could easily crush a friend if they didn’t get in the choir of their dreams. Be conscious and caring about your relationships with your friends. If you spew poison on Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook, group texts or other social media know in advance that you will be burning many bridges. THINK – WAIT and then respond. This is written with love from your director! This IS NOT the end of the world.

I’d like to thank everyone that worked hard in preparation for their choir auditions.  This was an extremely difficult list to make in many ways.  Please understand that if you feel some disappointment because you do not make it into the choir that you dreamed you would I sympathize with you.  I have had this experience too from time to time, so I do feel with you.  The good news is, you are still in choir–no one can take that away from you (well–occasionally I do, but it’s rare!)

I ask that you trust in me to have made the best decisions for the choir and to know that these decisions are made on so much more than just how you sing or sight read or test on music theory.  These lists were VERY difficult to make and I realize that no matter what I do, I cannot satisfy everyone’s desires. If you did make it where you wanted to be Congratulations! Now the hard work begins!






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