Wednesday, September 4, 2019

REMINDER! We already have our first concert! All MS AND Reeths-Puffer Choirs, as well as all members of both communities of all ages, have been invited to participate in this year’s Sailor Salute event. We will be singing “America, The Beautiful” and our National Anthem.  This is a required event and the date was included in the calendar I emailed you and your parent/guardian this past summer.  The date is Friday, September 13th beginning at 4:45pm. All participants will receive a free shirt!

YESTERDAY (Tuesday, Sept. 3rd) was the deadline to sign up. If you have not yet done so, please get out an electronic device right now, log into your school google account and open your email, where you have find I have emailed you the link twice. If you were in choir last year and you signed up for REMIND, I also texted you.

Or, below is also the link. To get to the choir blog, you need to navigate to:



REMINDER-DUE FRIDAY!! Filling out the Emergency Information Record and the Parent Volunteer form online that I emailed you and your parent/guardian this summer (Here’s a link: CLICK HERE) by this coming Friday (Sept. 6th) will give you two points on your grade! 

Also, turning in the iChat form with a copy of your parent/guardian’s drivers license will earn you an additional point.  I’ll collect any of these now if you have them. If you need a hard copy, you can get one from me right now as well.

Finally, we also need your Choir Shoe ($30) and/or Dry Cleaning ($10) money by Wednesday, Sept. 18th. (1 point per fee returned by the deadline!) Returning choir members, middle school choir members that purchased the official choir shoe last year, as well as current HS band members do NOT need to purchase shoes–you have them already (unless you want a new pair of course).

If you got fitted for shoes at early registration and now have figured out you don’t need shoes, let me know right away as we are currently planning to order you a pair.

If you have difficulty meeting the deadline for the money owed, please have your parent/guardian email me, write me a note or give me a call. We have ways to help you out if needed…no worries!

 For more detailed info. (or if you need to print off any of these forms) check out the top of the blog and re-read the Welcome back letter…it will explain everything for you!


Emergency/Information Record (online), Volunteer Form (online), iChat Form (hard copy with copy of driver’s license), $30 shoes and $10 dry cleaning for a total of +5 points! 

NEW! Overseas Tour Travelers Passport Information!

You will need to apply for your passport this month (September!) Follow this link for all the details…CLICK HERE!

NEW!! The Choir Student Executive Board (CSEB) is looking for some creative, passionate and dedicated people to be a part of it.

The Mission of the Choir Board is:

Making our world a better place through the gift of music.  

And our three goals are:

GOAL ONE: To CREATE a family atmosphere within and resonating from the choir.

GOAL TWO:  To SUPPORT the many needs and demands of the choir program.

GOAL THREE: To ENRICH the lives of people by sharing our time, talents and energy.

If being a part of the choir board’s Mission and Goals connects with you, follow the link below to learn what you need to do. Everything is due no later than this week Tuesday (Sept. 10th) at 5pm!



NEW! You need to join our Google Classroom. Here are the codes:

Treble Choir: wnz5q6

Anchormen:  6nkxbc

Singers:  7o7ncgo

Acappella:  ti76kwn

Please take a few minutes (you have until Monday) to log into your Google Classroom and answer the questions to the attached Google Survey. 

If you are in Acappella Choir, you will also need to set an attendance goal for the first trimester. All 4th hour classes are doing this. We will revisit your attendance log weekly.  The log can be found in classroom. 


NEW!! “REMIND”  Let’s Keep in Touch!

I am again going to stay in touch again this year with all things choir in a variety of ways. You likely know about the choir blog as you are looking at it right now…updated daily at: as well as good “old fashioned” email.

I am again using the REMIND text app as well. To participate in receiving text message reminders, either click directly on the link below, or simply text the ‘phone number’ 81010 or if you have trouble with that number, you can try (989) 391-0792 and enter the code after the last backslash (/) below. 

Parents you have the option of joining just the parent/friends group, just your child’s choir group or you can join both. 

Treble Choir, 1st hour:

Anchormen, 2nd hour:                       

Singers, 3rd hour:          

Acappella Choir, 4th hour:

Choir Parents/Friends:



As always, all things MSHS Choir can be found on the choir blog (updated daily) as well. Just follow this link:


NEW The annual social event of the season is upon us once again…The fall Choir Cookout is going to be held on Sunday, September 22nd from 3pm-5pm at the Mona Lake Boat Club. Stop in and enjoy free food, flowing conversation, even toss a frisbee or get a volleyball game going if your little heart desires. DON’T BE SHY-YOU CAN COME AND GO AS YOU PLEASE SO AT LEAST MAKE AN EFFORT TO STOP IN AND EAT!

Hello all and welcome back!

The Haunted Hall is a nonprofit fundraiser, organized and managed by MSHS Teacher Mrs. Brower and her husband. A small number of organizations are invited to work at the event, with all profits being split among the organizations.

Students can work, or anyone else can also work on behalf of a student. The amount of money earned in a season is totaled, and then the dollar per hour amount is determined. Each student receives the amount they earned per hour, and this money is deposited into their scrip account. Families who really get involved have made over $1,000 is just one season! It’s possible!

Work includes setting the hall up, “scaring” during the event and then tearing it all down at the end. Time and ½ is paid for set up and teardown! Here is a link to view all of the relevant details. They include things like waivers, so make certain to look this over prior to just showing up for a shift:



NEW! Some students did not stop by and pick up their choir uniform during early registration. According to the welcome back letter I emailed earlier this summer, failure to do so will result in -5 points on your grade unless you contacted my via email or my school phone, dropped choir or in the rare occasion that you joined choir after my packet was emailed to you.  We will be bringing in our uniform chairperson to fit you for a uniform/shoes at a future date TBA. 



NEW! Are you participating in our awesome scrip program? You can raise lots of money doing so and use that money for many things school related. No need to sell or buy anything (just purchase gift cards from us and use them to pay  just about anywhere and watch your kid’s account grow! Below is the most current scip form detailing what businesses have scrip and what percentage they give back to your account.

2019-2020 HOURS: School Year Scrip Hours are every Thursday evening from 5:15pm-6:30pm in the front lobby of the High School, beginning September 4th. 

SCRIP ORDER FORM AVAILABLE HERE!! Attached is a scrip order form for your convenience and information.

Follow this CLICK HERE Updated June 2019.


CLICK HERE: Scrip Explanation, Guidelines and Rules (updated Sept. 2013)

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