Friday, October 4, 2019

Group 1
10/3/2019 8:01:06 anya jones
10/1/2019 7:46:01 Abigail Gorkisch
10/3/2019 9:12:07 Dominic Hart
10/1/2019 11:02:22 Emily Walker
10/1/2019 18:16:16 Elise Houle
Group 2
10/1/2019 14:23:43 Bailee McMillan
10/1/2019 7:49:14 Tatumn Ruby
9/30/2019 10:23:30 Ethan Boersema
10/1/2019 12:20:31 Freyja Warneke
10/1/2019 11:02:33 Emily Mann
Group 3
10/3/2019 8:08:21 Jolynn Upson
10/3/2019 9:17:24 Jessana Gavarrete
9/30/2019 20:53:57 Brendan Cierlak
10/1/2019 12:21:44 Lillis Lake
10/1/2019 12:20:48 Adina Szagesh
Group 4
10/3/2019 10:09:34 Chloe Nelund
10/3/2019 8:01:28 Hannah Jones
10/2/2019 17:48:19 Zyaire Benard
10/1/2019 11:03:42 Jenna Bitzer
9/30/2019 20:27:12 Andy Estlick
Group 5
10/3/2019 8:02:25 Ally Threadgill
10/3/2019 8:03:55 Grace Campbell
10/2/2019 12:56:38 Miah Lipps
10/1/2019 10:58:40 Sean Flanagan
9/30/2019 12:27:41 Kristen Piazza
Group 6
10/1/2019 9:07:59 Charles Eyke
10/3/2019 9:08:20 Donaven Dekuiper
10/2/2019 14:21:19 Kelsey Gelderloos
10/1/2019 11:04:16 Timmy Schneider
10/1/2019 7:46:29 kaela vandenbosch
Group 7
10/1/2019 7:45:35 Sierrah Vredeveld
10/3/2019 8:02:07 Emma Lewis
10/3/2019 9:11:11 Lucas Grevious
10/2/2019 12:22:17 Payton Finklea
10/2/2019 14:24:01 Erin Sullivan
Group 8
9/30/2019 19:26:50 Neena Treptow
10/1/2019 9:05:03 Connor Fritz
10/1/2019 10:57:04 Malia Swartz
10/1/2019 11:00:46 Megan Quigg
Group 9
10/1/2019 9:00:34 Emma Fox
10/1/2019 7:46:55 Ella Cole
10/2/2019 11:03:11 Hannah Clark
9/30/2019 8:14:35 Christian Fletcher
10/3/2019 14:55:55 Matthew Hylland
Group 10
10/1/2019 9:07:18 Kye Sieffert
10/3/2019 8:03:22 Kaedance Jones
10/1/2019 9:08:08 Colin Berry
10/1/2019 7:46:58 Alisha Livers
10/1/2019 12:19:23 Zaza Edwards
Group 11
10/1/2019 10:58:12 Liam Knisley
10/1/2019 7:47:11 Keira Dickson
10/1/2019 10:59:59 Kayleigh Scott
10/3/2019 8:00:44 Michele Lewandoski
10/3/2019 9:09:12 Emilio Martinez
Group 12
10/3/2019 8:00:28 Morgan Peterson
9/30/2019 14:23:24 Aja Kennert
10/2/2019 20:29:50 Braxton Jones
10/1/2019 11:07:42 Audrey White
10/1/2019 12:21:21 Faith Kuder
Group 13
10/1/2019 9:07:38 Cameron Closz
10/3/2019 18:16:33 Carly Gomez
9/30/2019 10:15:39 Miles Swainston
10/1/2019 7:47:20 Vennessa Bowman
10/2/2019 11:05:22 Riley Trygstad
Group 14
10/2/2019 7:44:57 Sophia Gillette
10/1/2019 7:49:51 Emily Drost
10/2/2019 12:23:57 Caroline Carlson
10/1/2019 11:06:28 Deserra Davis
10/1/2019 18:16:08 Dezmin Merwin
Group 15
10/1/2019 9:02:50 Sam Freye
10/3/2019 9:10:14 Laine Obzut
10/1/2019 9:13:17 Skyler Fellows
10/2/2019 12:24:03 Kayla Forman
10/3/2019 15:06:30 Rebecca Powell
Group 16
10/3/2019 8:01:26 Kaitlyn Funderburg
10/1/2019 9:05:36 Max Mackie
10/1/2019 19:48:12 Sophie Recknagel
10/3/2019 9:08:11 Mason Plooster
Group 17
9/30/2019 16:23:01 Sarah Mann
10/3/2019 10:25:06 Eliana Bement
10/1/2019 10:57:00 Evan Klairter
10/2/2019 16:00:52 David Vanarendonk
Group 18
10/1/2019 7:47:17 Jaiden Cunningham
10/1/2019 9:05:46 Zaee’Quwan Aubrey-Davis
10/1/2019 12:19:48 Ellie Tatum
10/3/2019 9:17:22 Sebastian Barnett
10/3/2019 8:01:18 Sophia Rae

DEADLINE THIS SATURDAY: Mona Shores CHOIR Yard Signs (last day to purchase is Oct. 5th) for fall sports, band, and choir are available to purchase using the link below.  This is a fundraiser for the senior class of 2020 to help raise funds for the after graduation party.   Pick up will be at the high school when they are done about a week after the sale ends. Signs are $25 or add a name and/or number for an extra $5.  Here is a link to the order form: CLICK HERE!

REMINDER: UPDATED INFO HERE! OVERSEAS TOUR UPDATES! Due to the number of people who have recently contacted me about joining the overseas tour, we added 12 more spots on the trip. First come, first served and some of them are already gone. WE ARE NOW DOWN TO JUST FIVE SPOTS as of 10/2/19!  If interested in a spot, email me and I will send you all of the details.

The Muskegon City Clerk’s office reached out to us this week with the following information:

“The most common things we have noticed lately when MSHS kids come in to our office for passports”:

  • Poor photos-CVS and Walgreens are capable of taking photos but are frequently not done properly.  The photos in our office are $15 and then they don’t need to make an additional stop before coming to process their application.
  • Must pay by check or money order.  The amount depends on their age and how quickly they need their passport to come in.
  • Both parents MUST be present with their IDs for anyone who is 15 & under.  Those who are 16 and older can technically apply by themselves but it is best if at least 1 parent can come with them.

 We strive to provide great customer service and make this process as easy as possible.  Feel free to call us!

City of Muskegon Clerk’s Phone number:  231-724-6705

Address:  933 Terrace St. (between US 31 BBQ and the Courthouse)

US Passport Services Phone number:  877-487-2778

 These two items have a simple breakdown of what they need to bring with them and the fees associated with the passport.

For further details regarding passports: CLICK HERE!

Image result for matilda broadway

MATILDA INFO MEETING STUFF!  If you missed the Allegros Informational meeting yesterday, see JaiLynn to get on the list and also to pick up a packet of information that we went over.

Here is the agenda from the meeting yesterday: CLICK HERE!

Here are the links to the videos we showed of the audition song: Favorite Vocal


Also, you need to sign up for an audition time by Friday, October 11th via Google Forms. Here is a link to the form: CLICK HERE!

Also due by the 11th, is your audition information sheet (you will NOT bring this to the audition this year). Here is a link to it (also available in hard copy form in the choir room): ALLEGRO AUDITION INFORMATION SHEET – Matilda

Finally, make certain you also get your name on the yellow legal pad in the choir room (this is the list we sent around during the info meeting).

REMINDER! We did a thing and it was fun! Thanks for showing up! 

The BBQ this year was a blast and I hope everyone had an amazing time! If you could take a second to fill out this feedback form on your opinion of the BBQ, CSEB would greatly appreciate it! We are always striving to be better and feedback is a gift! Thank you!
And here is a link to some pics: CLICK HERE!

REMINDER: Regarding this weekend. They need TWO MORE ADULTS on SATURDAY to operate! If a youth can bring an adult with him/her, we will have space for you too!

FYI: in my past 20+ years of HH (yes, I was here in 1999 when it started), I must say this appears to be our best year yet. We are very excited to scare!

We are excited to have you be a part of our “scream team.”

There are also extra Waivers/Emergency contact info forms on the piano as well if you need one.

Signing up indicates availability. It does not mean a person is scheduled. Schedules go out on Sunday nights for the upcoming weekend. Staff working is selected based on ability/talent/and Haunted Hall needs. (FYI: last year, it was not unusual for 20-30 people get turned down each evening….)

Returning cast: Log-in to Choose the “click here” for returning staff and then choose from the menu on the left. DO NOT create a 2nd account, or both will be deleted.

Newbies: Please fill out the volunteer registration form located at

Please make certain you sign up for the haunt scheduler (follow the link above to do so) for timely updates about when it’s okay and not okay to simply show up.

OLDER INFO! The Haunted Hall is a nonprofit fundraiser, organized and managed by MSHS Teacher Mrs. Brower and her husband. A small number of organizations are invited to work at the event, with all profits being split among the organizations.

Students can work, or anyone else can also work on behalf of a student. The amount of money earned in a season is totaled, and then the dollar per hour amount is determined. Each student receives the amount they earned per hour, and this money is deposited into their scrip account. Families who really get involved have made over $1,000 is just one season! It’s possible!

Work includes setting the hall up, “scaring” during the event and then tearing it all down at the end. Time and ½ is paid for set up and teardown! Here is a link to view all of the relevant details. They include things like waivers, so make certain to look this over prior to just showing up for a shift:






REMINDER! Are you participating in our awesome scrip program? You can raise lots of money doing so and use that money for many things school related. No need to sell or buy anything (just purchase gift cards from us and use them to pay  just about anywhere and watch your kid’s account grow! Below is the most current scip form detailing what businesses have scrip and what percentage they give back to your account.

2019-2020 HOURS: School Year Scrip Hours are every Thursday evening from 5:15pm-6:30pm in the front lobby of the High School, beginning September 4th. 

SCRIP ORDER FORM AVAILABLE HERE!! Attached is a scrip order form for your convenience and information.

Follow this CLICK HERE Updated June 2019.


CLICK HERE: Scrip Explanation, Guidelines and Rules (updated Sept. 2013)

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