Overseas Tour Refund Update on 3/30/2020

NEW! Hello everyone,

I hope that you all are well and hanging in there. This is a difficult time to say the least and I’m really feeling for our students especially.
I do have an update on the choir overseas tour refund to share with you. Here is the latest from Melissa Reed, Cultural Tour Consultants:
“I have completed the calculations for your tour’s refunds.  I’ve been able to lower the cancellation fee from the contracted $1,000.00 per person, to $575.00 per person. We have been advised to receive signed and notarized releases from each person before refunding.  I will be sending out the releases to the email addresses that I have on file and will begin the refund process when they are returned.  I’ll be asking for each person’s patience in this process as the quarantine is bringing most business to a standstill.  I am hoping to have the releases ready and sent within the next couple of days and we will get your travelers refunded as soon as possible.”
As you can see, the cancellation fee has come down to $575 which is good news, but I’m still not satisfied. I contacted Bill O’Brien with this information and he has since had a phone conversation with Melissa about the possibility of this amount being even less. As we continue to get closer to our original departure date and if our/other countries continues with lock downs, travel bans, etc. it could become possible to see a return of more of this last $575, as the companies still holding some of our money may be forced to return it. Melissa has assured Bill that she will continue to work on doing so and the district’s attorneys will be brought in as well if it seems prudent. This process will likely be a long one, and money may come back in smaller spurts, but there is still some hope.
So, in the meantime, I felt it was time to request to have the rest of our funds returned to you. Expect to receive a communication from Melissa Reed soon.
Thank You all and I can’t say I’m sorry enough.

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