Choir Lists for Next Year Update-Info Needed ASAP!

NEW! Hello choir students (current seniors can ignore this message):

Your choir audition videos (3 videos: one for the “Amens”, one for your “30 second song” and one for your “sight-reading”)  were due this past Sunday, by 7:00 pm on Google Classroom. I’ve sent repeated REMIND texts, emails and the information is here on the choir blog.

I am currently missing 42 auditions (one part or more of the 3 videos you needed to send in…I’ve only checked the “30 second songs” so far, so there may be even more of you).

I also have 25 of you who are not on the list for next year’s choirs. This does NOT include the people who told me they weren’t going to be in choir next year prior to us going into the shut down (I didn’t include students who had talked to me previously and told me they weren’t coming back…some of you that did, I might have forgotten, sorry about that…)

Attached is the list of missing people and what they are missing. Please message me back on either REMIND or email at:  and tell me what your thinking. You can say things like:

I’m not coming back to choir (no worries, I won’t judge you…I just need to know at this point!)

Or, I should be on the list, I don’t know what happened! Please let the counseling department know.

Or, I forgot to do my videos.

Or, I’m having trouble getting my videos done and here is my issue…

Or, I’m happy just staying in my current choir, so please leave me there (not allowed in Singers or Acappella-You must re-audition each year, since you are in top choirs.

I need this information ASAP as the counseling department can’t move forward until I give them my lists. Your prompt attention is appreciated. If I do not hear back by this week Wednesday, April 1st, by 7 pm, I will assume that you either aren’t coming back to choir (if you are not on the counseling lists currently) or if that you are happy staying in your current choir. 

Here is the current list, which I will update as you make your replies:


Lastly, I haven’t looked at the Involvement Forms yet either, but hopefully you have those completed too.

Thank You for your prompt attention to this matter.

P.S. I miss you all!

Mr. Lawton

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