Choir Students-Immediate Attention Required!

NEW: Hello all! Everyone please read and check the linked document below!

I’m doing my best to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I’m still missing choir audition materials. I required them to be turned in by last Sunday and then shifted to last week Wednesday for the straggles. Last chance! Here is an up to date list. The first one I sent out earlier in the week was just people missing 30 second song videos. This list is comprehensive and covers everything that is missing (sight reading videos, Amens videos, 30 second song videos and 2nd tri final exams:

If you are not going to be in choir next year and see yourself in this list, please shoot me a quick email at or a REMIND text to let me know so I can take you off. Thanks!

CLICK HERE! to view the who is missing stuff list!

Also, all the materials and further information you need to get this done can be found in a post just down a bit from this one! Thanks for getting this done peeps!

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