Hello Choirs! 


Welcome to your first OFFICIAL week of online learning as this is the first week in which completing your assignments counts towards your getting credit in each of your classes. Many of you have done a wonderful job thus far with the meditation assignment, FlipGrid check-in, turning in your choir auditions and doing a music project last week! 


It’s very important to keep up with your weekly assignments from here on out, and there are some of you I have not heard from at all. Good news for seniors, you’ve only got two weeks left in your non-AP classes! 


After reviewing and grading all of the 161 projects turned in last week, I had an idea to do something different for this week’s assignment. I chose ten student projects from last week based on one or more of the following criteria: 


  1. The project was unique, different, surprising or took a project in a way I didn’t expect.
  2. The project was very creative.
  3. A project only a few (or sometimes one) person that decided to do it.
  4. The project took guts, such as doing a performance.
  5. The student’s work represented the spirit of the project well. 
  6. The project gave me the feels. 


I have learned something from reading, watching and/or listening to ALL of your projects and I also believe we all can learn from one another. So let’s do it! What follows is this week’s assignment: 


DIRECTIONS: Review all 10 projects below and then choose a minimum of three projects and share SOMETHING POSITIVE. You will use this link to share your responses: CLICK HERE! (See next page for project links)


The following projects are in alphabetical order, by last name, were selected by Mr. Lawton: 

Again, You will use this link to share your responses: CLICK HERE! 

This assignment is due not later than this Friday, April 24th, by 3:00 pm

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