NEW! To view this week’s required choir assignment (last one for our choir seniors), please follow this link: CLICK HERE!


UNRELATED BUT IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: We have extended the deadline for the Pop Go the Sailors “Stays Home” video submissions to Tuesday, May 12th as this is a very busy week for our senior choir members! Directions for properly submitting your audition video(s), were included in your previous Google Classroom “assignment” titled, “Pop Go the Sailors Stays Home.” This is also where you submit your completed video(s) as well. THIS IS OPTIONAL–NOT A MUST DO!

If you can’t find it here is he post again:


(A “CAN DO assignment”-NOT REQUIRED)

This online Pops performance will be a video compilation of solo covers and other pieces submitted by current MSHS high school choir students online.

You may submit a solo or a duet/quartet/sextet/etc. if you can figure out the video/audio components of that. The theme is “Stay Home”, so stay home! You may sing ANY SONG you would like. This is everybody’s chance to sing the songs they’ve always wanted to but couldn’t because of a theme! Please limit your auditions to three pieces maximum.

We are also looking for SENIOR SONG submissions! This selected senior song will be used in various senior videos being produced as well as performed at the July graduation ceremony, if we can have it. The senior song must be newly composed and performed by seniors only.

All auditions will be judged by the Choir Music Staff.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: ALL VIDEOS (including the senior song) ARE NOW DUE  BY FRIDAY, MAY 12th.

For detailed information regarding both recording and submission of videos, follow this link (this is a must read!): CLICK HERE!

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