Wednesday, September 15, 2020

As soon as we (your music staff) complete making part recordings and post them to the choir blog, you will be expected to complete learning assignments based upon these during your “at home” days. Your teachers are working on these today (Wednesday) while we are at school. Once completed, we will then have more productive and meaningful things for you to do on the days when you are not at school (known as “asynchronous” days).
Also, I am posting a link to our weekly lesson plans. That way if you are curious what we will be up to, or miss a day of class, you can look here!
Lastly, be certain to check both the choir blog and Google Classroom DAILY for up to date async. learning assignments and information!
For your asynchronous learning on Wednesday, September 15th-Friday September 17th, if you have NOT yet completed your “5 Pictures” Assignment and/or your “Getting to Know You” assignments, please complete those by the end of this school week. These two assignments can be found in your Google Classroom.  Most of you have completed them!
Also, if you/your parent have not completed the “Emergency Information Sheet”, “Parent Volunteer Form”  and/or the iChat, please get these filled out by the end of this week as well.  These three forms are located under the “Pages” section on the right side of this blog. (#4, #5 and #6).
Please DO NOT work on the music theory (Breezin’ Thru Theory) assignment I posted on Google Classroom at home, as we will have 30 minutes in class on Thursday-A cohort/Friday-B cohort to complete this week’s assignment. Further, this assignment is not officially due until Sunday at midnight, therefore you also have your asynchronous day on Thursday/Friday to finish it you don’t get done during your 2nd day of class this week.
For asynchronous learning on Wednesday, September 15th-Friday September 17th, if you have NOT yet completed your “5 Pictures” Assignment and/or your “Getting to Know You” assignments, please complete those by the end of this school week. These two assignments can be found in your Google Classroom. Most of you have completed them!
Also, if you/your parent have not completed the “Emergency Information Sheet”, “Parent Volunteer Form”  and/or the iChat, please get that done by the end of this school week as well.  These three forms are located under the “Pages” section on the right side of this blog. (#4, #5 and #6).
Lastly, JaiLynn has also posted your “Listening” assignment in Google Classroom so you should complete that by the end of the school week as well.



REMINDER! MSVMA will welcome 100 singers in grades 9-12 to our Musical Theatre Intensive on Saturday, October 24 via a Virtual Conference.  We are delighted to have an incredible panel of clinicians including Catherine A. Walker from the University of Michigan.  Students will have the opportunity to sing for clinicians in a Master Class format and participate in a variety of topic sessions. 


MSVMA welcomes high school students to participate in the Musical Theatre Intensive.. Participants must be enrolled and in good standing in their school’s vocal music program. Their school must be a member of MSVMA.

Audition Requirements

Students will be required to audition by providing a URL address to a YouTube video. Singers should perform 32 measures of a musical theater song, preferably accompanied. Any problems with submissions should be reported to before the deadline of September 25 at 11:59 p.m.

The fee of $25, must be paid by credit card according to instructions students will receive by email upon acceptance to the event. 

Musical Theatre Intensive Schedule

Schedule: Zoom Check in begins at 8 a.m., Event will be from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Details to be announced.

Students will be divided into small groups. Groups will rotate and have the opportunity to work with each clinician. Two outstanding soloists will be selected from a mini recital at the end of the day and will be invited to perform (via pre recorded performance) at the Michigan Music Conference in January. 

CLICK HERE FOR: Student Application


PAST DUE!! If you have not yet done so, please complete the  Emergency Information Record and the Parent Volunteer forms that I emailed you and your parent/guardian a few weeks ago. These two forms are due by this Friday (Sept. 11th @ midnight). +2 points on your grade! 

Additionally, the iChat form allows the district to complete a background check and must be on file in order to volunteer for anything school related…including choir! Turning in the iChat form with a copy of your parent/guardian’s drivers license will earn you an additional extra credit point. 

Here is a link to the “Welcome Back” letter I sent out, which contains links to these three forms, as well as other information: CLICK HERE

Links to all forms and other info can also be found under Pages on the right side of our choir blog. Use Pages to quickly find things like our calendar, scrip information, and “green sheets.”

REMINDER! We also need to collect your choir shoe money, $30 (if you are new) by Wednesday, Sept. 23rd. (+1 point  if returned by the deadline). Returning choir members, middle school choir members that purchased the official choir shoe in middle school, as well as current HS band members do NOT need to purchase shoes–you have them already (unless you want a new pair of course).

We will get you fit for choir shoes this fall. 

If you have difficulty meeting the deadline for the money owed, please have your parent/guardian email me, write me a note or give me a call. Or, just stop by and chat with me. We have ways to help you out if needed…no worries!

PAST DUE! You have two “Getting to Know You” projects in Google Classroom. Both are due this week Friday, September 11th, by 4:00 pm. You may complete them at any time, starting now!


“5 Pictures” and is a little collage you will share. Instructions can be found in THIS LINK link below or in your Google Classroom.

Please post the completed project in Google Classroom.


This assignment is a Google Form in which you will answer a series of questions to help us get to know you better. To submit it when complete, just hit the SUBMIT button at the end of the form. If you want to get it off your Google Classroom Assignments list, just click TURNED IN in Google Classroom and you’re all good.

Here is a link to the Google Form and you will also find it listed in your Google Classroom assignments as well: CLICK HERE!


NEW! Thanks to all that applied for a position on the CSEB! Keep in mind that you will be presenting yourself to your class (giving a short speech-max 3 minutes) this week Thursday (Cohort A) or Friday (Cohort B). Below is a list of all of the students that submitted applications.

P.S. I dug all of these out of my email, so if anyone was missed, please alert me, via REMIND or email me at: to let me know! 

Treble A

Addy Bean

Alexis Brayton

Lydia Carefelle

Sara Harper

Ashlee Jakubowski

Treble B

Oliver Michaelis

Jasmine Perry

Rory Ponce

Campbell Robinson

Tristyn Rodarmel

Anchormen A

Lucas Grevious

Anchormen B

Lucious Maldonado

Singers A

Elora Danon-Bolthouse

Jakari Carson

Payton Finklea

Singers B

Li Lake

Sarah Mann

Erin Sullivan

Jake Trygstad

Audrey White

Acappella A

Elise Houle

Braxton Jones

Faith Kuder

Acappella B

Alisha Livers

Bailee McMillan

Sydney Olthoff

Freyja Warneke

Jessie Wood

 REMINDER!! Are you participating in our awesome scrip program? You can raise lots of money doing so and use that money for many things school related. No need to sell or buy anything (just purchase gift cards from us and use them to pay your tabs just about anywhere and watch your kid’s account grow! Below is the most current scip form detailing what businesses have scrip and what percentage they give back to your account.
Mona Shores Scrip Participants,
Please read all of the way through to find out about the new procedures for Choir Scrip.  Scrip will be held the following dates from 5:15-6:30 (please note that it is every other week except for the month of December):
Thursday, September 10 AND 24
Thursday, October 8 AND 22
Thursday, November 5 AND 19
Thursday, December 3, 10 AND 17
We will ask that you stay in your car, in the circle drive entrance of the high school. If possible, please have your form filled out and wait for your friendly scrip girl to come to your car – a form is also available here . We will need you to have your payment, cash or a check made out to MSCA, and form ready.  If you are unable to print a form, we will have one for you and ask that you take one extra copy for next time.  We will then bring your form and money into the building, fill your order, and bring your scrip back out to you.  Please check your order before you pull out and make sure it is correct. If you need a check made out, we will ask that you fill out a form that we will provide you stating who the check goes to and how much you need. 
This will be a learning curve for all of us and we sure do appreciate your patience!

Want to see how scrip can work for you? Follow this link for an example: CLICK HERE

 MOST RECENT FORM!  SCRIP ORDER FORM AVAILABLE HERE!! Attached is a scrip order form for your convenience and information. SCRIP Order Form – June 2019


Follow this link: Scrip Guidelines and Information

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