Thursday, June 3, 2021

NEW! Want to study private voice (FOR FREE) or lower the cost of a summer music camp next year? It’s super easy this year to apply (no outside audition required)! Just fill out the form below, indicating your interest. The music staff will then select the candidates with the best fit.
We are looking for enthusiastic students who have a desire to grow as singers and who we believe will work hard! If you receive a scholarship, you will be required to attend either musical theater or classical MSVMA Solo and Ensemble. But that’s cool though, as you can get additional feedback! The deadline to apply is by Saturday at midnight!
NEW! Congratulations to these outstanding MSHS Performers for their placement at the West Michigan Student Showcase last night:
Showstopper Award (wins $1,000): Matt Yacoub performing “Piano Man”
1st Place in the Group Category (wins $1,000): The Quarter Notes-Jess Lawton, Mia Newman, Rebecca Powell and Laura Schluentz, singing, Light In The Hallway.
Also, JaiLynn Petrie accompanied the 1st place solo category act!
Also, placing 1st in the Digital Arts Category was Cameron Seiferlein!
Great representation!

UPDATE-LAST MINUTE POP DVD ORDERS: If you have an order, with payment, I can take it today and add it to the count that I called in yesterday.


REMINDER! We will continue to collect all of your sheet music today. If you did not bring your folder, please bring it to class on your exam day or stop by and drop it off! Thanks!

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REMINDER! Here is the school days countdown to the end of the school year!



Follow the link below to view this weeks choir lesson plan.  THE LESSON PLAN GUIDE NOW INCLUDES DIRECT LINKS TO YOUR CHOREOGRAPHY VIDEOS! (They are also located in your Google Classroom).




There WILL be asynchronous learning/practice this week. Follow the lesson plan guide above, or go to your Google Classroom for your assignments.

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