Wednesday, April 27, 2022

REMINDER-PENNY WAR ENDS THIS FRIDAY! We are now officially in competition with the band and orchestra. It’s the Tri-M Music Honor Society “penny war” fundraiser! Whichever organization raises the most funds wins the Tri-M Triceratops Trophy, which they get to keep in their classroom for the entire school year! We can take all forms of cash (a $1 bill equals 100 pennies, for example!)

REMINDER-DUE TODAY (WEDNESDAY)! We are continuing to take orders for “Footloose” DVD’s!

The order deadline is Wednesday, April 27th, by the end of the school day. They are $25 each and are being professionally produced by Threadgill Productions.

Here is a direct link to the order form. We will also have hard copies available in class as well:


REMINDER-AUDITION SIGN UPS BY TODAY (WEDNESDAY) @ 6 PM! Pop Auditions are next week Monday (5/2) and Tuesday (5/3). Your goal is to make it through both rounds and hopefully score in the top 20-25 ish acts that will make the show! Practice, practice, practice!
Use this Google Sheet to request your audition times:

POP T-SHIRT ORDERS!  Just a reminder that Pop T-Shirt orders are due by Thursday, May 5th. You can download and print one here, or pick up a hard copy of the order form in the choir room on the table in front.

REMINDER-SET CONSTRUCTION BUILD SCHEDULE! The Pop Go the Sailors set must be built and painted and we could use YOU! Here is the build schedule. Feel free to stop in any time and stay as long as you are able!
Tuesday May 10-6pm-9pm
Thursday May 12-6pm-9pm
Saturday May 14-10am-5pm
Sunday May 15-1pm-5pm

RESERVE A REHEARSAL SPACE INFO!  Need a space to rehearse your Pop Specialty Act? If you would like to use the dance room, weekdays, between 3pm and 5pm, there is a sign up sheet outside of the dance room. You do not need adult supervision during this time as Mr. Reinhardt is here until then. If you want the space later than that on a weekday, or if you want the space on a weekend, you will need to talk with Mr. Reinhardt about it first and you will need to have an adult present during your rehearsal.
There is also a sign up sheet for the choir room, located on the cabinet side of the choir room. The same procedures apply as stated above.

FORM LINK TO SUBMIT YOUR IDEA FOR APPROVAL (Not to be confused with the form above to sign up for a your audition time slots)!
Here is the form to submit your Pop Idea for approval (if it is not on the list): CLICK HERE!

SONG IDEAS LIST WITH LINKS: Here is a partial ideas list of songs from which you can choose for Pop Go the Sailors! Auditions are on Monday, May 2nd and Tuesday, May 3rd! The shows are on May 19, 20, and 21! Get crackin’!
Think that you have a song that was a big hit, but is not on “the list?” Well, tell us the song and why you think it should be included. To audition a song not on the list, you will first need to get the act approved. Use the link below to do. You will need to justify your selection by explaining why your song choice should be included.

REMINDER-NYC, 2023! Next year’s seniors AND juniors…are you ready to head to NYC? This is just a reminder that we will travel to the Big Apple again next spring with both your classes. This will then get up back on a rotation of every other year, going traveling to NYC with these two classes. We will have a meeting prior to the end of the school year where we will share further details, costs, itinerary, etc.!

REMINDER-2024 OVERSEAS TOUR UPDATE! Attention this year’s sophomores, freshman (as well as current 7th and 8th grade choir students): We will be again traveling overseas in June of 2024. We will have a meeting prior to the end of the school year where we will share further details such as where we will be going, costs, itinerary, etc. but just wanted to give you a heads up! 

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