Monday, November 28, 2022…It’s Tree Week!




Tickets continue to be available through the Frauenthal box office Tuesday through Friday from 11am to 5:00pm and online at until the shows are sold out.

TREE TICKETS LINK BELOW! Use this link for the most direct (and easy) route to purchase your tickets:


NEW! Tree Tickets LEFT as of 11/27/2022 at noon: 

Wednesday Evening: 471

Thursday Evening: 217

Friday Evening: 27

Sat. Matinee: 5

Sat. Evening: 38

Total available across all shows: 758

Plus, we have Community Night on Tuesday, where we expect 1,000+ in attendance!

NEW! Watch Us Go! We’re making the news!

Shout out from Lansing, Mi.!


WOOD TV Feature on the Tree 2022:

WZZM TV News Feature on the Tree, including our own TK!

NEW! A second interview comes out from WZZM on Thanksgiving featuring our Angel, Ella Cole!

MLIVE article!


REMINDER! Tree Volunteers Sign Up Here! We Need YOU!

Hello everyone! We need hundreds of volunteers to make “America’s Tallest Singing Christmas Tree” project happen again (it’s year 37) for our kids and our community! Please take a moment and sign up using the following electronic form. Remember, volunteering for Tree this year is also your “ticket” to receiving next year’s MSHS Choir Parent Presale Code! Follow this link to sign up!


HERE’S THE VOLUNTEERS LIST THUS FAR!Here is our current sign up thus far. You can view where our needs are by viewing this document!



REMINDER-HELP FEED OUR KIDS-STILL NEED SOME STUFF! (THIS GOES OUT TO CHOIR PARENTS/GUARDIANS): Parent Volunteer extraordinaire, Lexi Liddle, would appreciate it if you can possibly donate some food or drinks for our students for between shows on Saturday. Here is a direct sign up to do so (and you can see what the needs are too). Click on this link:

CLICK HERE: Meal Saturday Dec 3… Between shows.

Thanks so much!

NEW! Tree notes from Sunday’s rehearsal

Make absolutely certain that you check the blog each day for Tree Notes from the previous night, since we won’t see each other much in class this week! I will also do my send REMIND texts, email, and post in Google Classroom too.

Tree Notes 2022: CLICK HERE!

Did you complete your EdPuzzle by the deadline…?!
This “MUST DO” assignment is found in your Google Classroom! 

Here also is link to the rules list: CLICK HERE!

NEW! It’s TREE SPIRIT WEEK…an annual tradition!!

Tuesday: Holiday Pajamas (or any!)

Wednesday: Ugly Christmas Sweaters/Shirts

Thursday: Tree Shirts-New or Old!

Friday: Winter Flannel

NEW!Radium Photo is offering individual photos of you, in uniform, at Tree (similar to how athletics does it). These will be available for purchase if you choose. No pressure, but if you are interested, you can do do prior to tonight (Mon) or tomorrow night’s (Tues) rehearsals. There are photo information packets up on the 3rd floor, where you check in your cell phones with all the pricing and info. You may arrive 15 minutes earlier than check in if you would like to have your photo taken. There will be an area for photographs set up right near the big room on the 3rd floor.

MONEY DUE TOMORROW (TUESDAY)! Fricanos Pizza after party money is now being collected. The cost is $10 each but YOU only need to pay $5.

The $5 is due no later than next week Tuesday, Nov. 29th by 1:30 pm.


REMINDER! Need some time to fit in last-minute studying? Don’t have someone to study with at home? Come to Cocoa and Cram! We will have free hot cocoa and baked goods for students who come and study during exam week in the LMC. Tutors and teachers will be available to go over material, quiz you with flashcards, or just sit there to keep you focused. Tutors: check NHS Google Classroom to sign up to bring baked goods and to tutor. See you there!!

REMINDER! Many people in choir often do not eat enough or forget to fuel their bodies in the craziness of tree/exam week. Please sign up to bring filling snacks so that all students are able to eat during choir and bring snacks home if needed. It is VERY important to eat always, especially when you are standing in a 60-foot Christmas tree for two hours at a time AND studying for exams AND staying up late. Tree week snack sign up

REMINDER! Hi, my name is Hannah and I’m looking for a spot to open for the Chicago trip. If you decide you have to sell your spot because you can’t suddenly go, please email me and let me know. I’m willing to discuss any price (within reason). Thank you!


REMINDER! Use these very helpful Lyrics Sheets to help you memorize Tree music! You can find them under Pages, on the right side of this blog, or HERE! 


REMINDER! This past weekend’s Musical Theater Solo and Ensemble at Grand Valley State University, was cancelled due to inclement weather. This was a decision made by the host at GVSU.

They have rescheduled the event for Saturday, Dec. 10th. Talk with your private voice teachers regarding your availability. 


NEW! None again this week! Focus on your other exams and your Tree music memorization! 

REMINDER, NYC PAYMENT SCHEDULE!  Here is the payment schedule for NYC: 

$130-(initial deposit) June 17

$ 200-Aug 18

$ 200-Sept 16,

$ 200-Oct 14

$ 200-Nov 18–(PAST DUE)

$ 200-Dec 16,

$ 200-Jan 20,

$ 200-Feb 17,

$ 100-Mar 17.

There is a late fee of $10 if late more than 5 days. Your space will be canceled if more than 30 days past due. 

NEW! CHICAGO REMINDERS: FINAL PAYMENT OF $90 IS DUE THIS WEEK FRIDAY, DEC. 1st.  We can take cash or checks (make payable to: Mona Shores Choir) in the choir office. 

Let’s go to Chicago!

As announced last spring, we are taking a group of choir students to Chicago for a day of shopping, dinner and a musical. You can choose either “The Lion King” or “Dear Evan Hansen!” The price of the trip is $ 190.

ITINERARY-TRIP IS DECEMBER 22, 2022 (Our first day of vacation!)
10 am – Depart Muskegon
5 pm – Depart for dinner – Giordano’s Pizza
630 pm – Depart for theaters
730-10 pm – Show Time
2 am – Arrive home
PAYMENT SCHEDULE:  Also, option to pay with credit card too thru our Travel Agent Airport Tour and Travel! Forms available for the credit card option will be available in class or CLICK HERE! 
  • Sign up – Deposit $25 – non-refundable – with show choice – (name changes are free, if you need to back out later and don’t want to lose your money–you would need to find your replacement).
  • Friday, Oct. 14 – $75 payment with show choice – payment is non-refundable – name changes are free. Now past due.
  • Dec. 1st – $90 payment – all payments non-refundable after this date – name changes are free


Here is a link to a separate, printable, online version: CLICK HERE! 

Monday, Nov. 28th (Official Picture Night, wear your choir uniform!)

School all day.  

Eat dinner before arriving – it is very important to eat

5:45 – 5:55 check in with attendance on the 3rd floor and stay there until called down.

6:00 dress rehearsal begins. After rehearsal, we will take the group picture. 

9:00 rehearsal ends (approx.)

Go directly home – make sure your schoolwork and any exam prep is done – have a good night’s rest

Tuesday, Nov. 29th (Community Night-We have an audience!) 

School all day. After school—Prepare for your 1st hour exams if you can.

Eat dinner before arriving – it is very important to eat

5:35 – 5:45 check in with attendance on the 3rd floor.

6:30pm Final dress rehearsal begins. We will have an audience on this night too!

8:45 pm Final dress rehearsal ends (approx). 

Go directly home—make sure your schoolwork and exam prep is done – have a good night’s rest

(Late Start, 9:45am!) Wednesday, Nov. 30th  (IT’S OPENING NIGHT!) and 1st hour exam

Late Start (9:45am) today. After school—Prepare for your 2nd and 3rd hour exams if you can. 

Eat dinner before arriving– it is very important to eat

6:00-6:15 check in with attendance on the 3rd floor.

7:00 pm Performance 

9:00ish Approx. end time of show. 

Go directly home–make sure your schoolwork and exam prep is done – have a good night’s rest

(Late Start Half Day, 9:45am-12:45pm!) Thursday, Dec. 1st, and 2nd/3rd hour exams

Both a late start and a shortened school day/exam day. 

Eat dinner before arriving and do your homework if you can.

6:00-6:15 check in with attendance on the 3rd floor.

7:00 pm Performance 

9:00ish Approx. end time of show. 

Get a good night’s rest.

(Late Start Half Day, 9:45am-12:45pm!) Friday, Dec. 2nd and 4th/5th hour exams 

Eat dinner before arriving.

6:00-6:15 check in with attendance on the 3rd floor.

7:00 pm Performance 

9:00ish Approx. end time of show. 

Get a good night’s rest.

Saturday, Dec. 3rd (Our final TWO shows!) 

Eat lunch before arriving. 

2:05-2:15 pm check in with attendance on the 3rd floor.

3:00 pm Matinee Show. After the first show, head right back up to the 3rd floor for food. 

5:00ish-We will feed you dinner back up on the 3rd floor. We may also show you a special Tree lighting show. 

6:30pm Final line-up for our last show. 

7:00pm-Our last show!!

9:00ish-End of our last show for the Singing Christmas Tree!!!

After the show, we have our Singing Tree party at Fricano’s for all who paid in advance. 

Parents please be ready to pick you up immediately after rehearsals and performances! We cannot have students  hanging around downtown alone. We have families to see as well. Thanks!

REMINDER! Here is the link to register for the South Africa tour:

REGISTER ONLINE AT and use booking code 061924LAWT


See Mr. Lawton in class if you would like a brochure outlining the trip and costs.

We would like initial deposits by the end of this year (Dec. 31st, 2022).

Additionally, you can follow these links to view the presentation slides that we shared at the meeting:

CLICK HERE! (to view the scripted presentation)

CLICK HERE: Some representative pictures of our tour

We also showed this video from the Notre Dame Concert Band’s Tour to South Africa. It gives you a good feel for what the trip will be like for us!


Also, here is an example of what the spring 2024 rehearsal schedule will look like (this was the one we had planned to use in 2020. This is being displayed here especially for this year’s seniors, who might be considering joining us.

Overseas Tour Rehearsal Dates 2020

  • Friday, April 17th: 3pm-4.30pm (new time)
  • Sunday, April 19th: 2pm-4pm
  • Friday, April 24th: 11.30am-1.30pm
  • Sunday, April 26th: 4pm-6pm
  • Friday, May 1st: 3pm-4.30pm
  • Sunday, May 3rd: 2pm-4pm
  • Friday, May 8th: 3pm-4.30pm
  • Friday, May 22nd: 3pm-4.30pm
  • Sunday, May 24th: 2pm-4pm
  • Friday, May 29th: 3pm-4.30pm
  • Sunday, May 31st: 2pm-4pm
  • Friday, June 5th: 3pm-4.30pm
  • Sunday, June 7th: 2pm-4pm
  • Sunday, June 14th: 2pm-4pm
  • Monday, June 15th: 10am-12pm
  • Tuesday, June 16th: 10am-12pm
  • Wednesday, June 17th: Departure! (return on June 28th)


REMINDER! Scrip continues every other week

Next “live”scrip date is: October 6th and 13th (Due to no school the next week and hoping to catch people at conferences)

“On” dates in November: November 3rd and 17th

“On” dates in December: December 1st and 15th

Are you participating in our awesome scrip program? You can raise lots of money doing so and use that money for many things school related. No need to sell or buy anything (just purchase gift cards from us and use them to pay your tabs just about anywhere and watch your kid’s account grow! Below is the most current scip form detailing what businesses have scrip and what percentage they give back to your account. 

PURCHASE ONLINE! You can purchase your choir e-scrip ONLINE. Here are the details: Anyone interested in buying e-gift cards and paying online can set up an online account at: You will need a code to register for the choir scrip program, and we aren’t allowed to post it here. Please email our Scrip Chairperson and MSCA Board Member, Jennifer Harper @ to get the code. 

You can either link to a checking or savings account for automatic payments, or you can use a credit card at check out when shopping online. A $0.15 fee is added to your order total each time you pay with your linked checking or savings account, or a 2.6% fee is added to your order total each time you pay with a credit card. Either way, the choir will still receive 1.5 percent of the percent earned for both the expenses of keeping the scrip program going and as a part of our fundraising efforts.  You can then either receive your e-scrip online instantly, using your cell phone (you will need to download the app, RaiseRight by ShopWithScrip). Email with any questions or to help you get set up. You can only purchase e-cards (and pay online) through this website (no paper gift cards or local places that may not be participating in the online platform). 

We will continue to sell scrip in person as well. 5:15 pm-6:30 pm on Thursdays in the front lobby of the school. 

Want to see how scrip can work for you? Follow this link for an example: CLICK HERE

 MOST RECENT FORM!  SCRIP ORDER FORM AVAILABLE HERE!! Attached is a scrip order form for your convenience and information.

SCRIP Order Form – June 2019


Follow this link: Scrip Guidelines and Information

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