Choir Audition Prep

If you are planning to audition for choir, follow the link below for EVERYTHING you will need to get ready!



You will be considered using mainly these 5 areas:

1. Skill at Sight Reading

2. Skill at Singing

3. Knowledge of Music Theory

4. Your involvement in choir, beyond just coming to class each day. This document also includes the score sheet that will be used to determine your sight reading and singing scores as well. Here is a link to the involvement form you will be filling out:  CLICK HERE!

5. Your work ethic and choir trimester grades.

For further details, see the choir handbook, linked to this blog under Pages.


Here are the vocal parts for “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” You need to prepare the part you are most comfortable singing.

Here is a quick Quizlet created by our own Ashley Melton. This quiz takes you to the next level. No need to use any rules figuring out what is “Do”.  Just sit yourself down and memorize it!



You will need to join one of our Choir Quizlet Classes.

This will allow you to view and use the Quizlet study guides for the music theory exam. Below are the codes:

Treble Choir:





Follow this link for an additional list of music theory exercises that will further improve your understanding of music theory: