Overseas Tour 2020 Information and Tour Enrollment Links


IMPT-FIRST PAYMENT DATE MOVED TO JULY! We have decided to remove the June payment, since it is so soon. The first official payment will not be until the July payment due date! If you already made or want to make the June payment no worries, you will just pay less at the end!

To view the kick off meeting agenda follow this link:


You can view the Cultural Tours Consultants slideshow presentation by clicking here: CLICK HERE!

If you would like to view the itinerary, payment schedule and additional tour information, or to enroll for the tour, do the following:

  • Visit your tour’s homepage at : www.culturaltourconsultants.com
  • On homepage under “My Tour” input (case sensitive):
  • User name: Mona Shores 2020 (there are spaces between each word).
  • Password: tours (both are case sensitive)
  • Enroll for the tour
  • Review your itinerary, inclusions, payment schedule, flight information, hotels.
  • Visit the “Travel Info” section for FAQs

OLDER INFO: In 2020, members of the Mona Shores Choir will again have the fantastic opportunity to travel overseas on a 12 day concert tour.

Eligible are current 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade choir students and their parents.
At this time, we will announce where we are going on the tour, handout a working itinerary for you to explore, provide a payment schedule and a representative from our tour company will give a presentation complete with a slideshow! A concert tour like this is often a once in a lifetime experience that will allow you to grow and expand your worldview in the most amazing of ways! Please join us on June 6th!