Choir Grading System in Covid (Fall 2020)

As we begin having assignments due for music theory (Treble/Anchormen)  and choral music history (Singers/Acappella), you may be wondering how these assignments are going to be graded.
It basically breaks down like this: In all choirs, your “regular” choir grade, which we are currently calling your “Participation Grade” will be worth 50% of your overall trimester score. This is the grade that started at 100 (hooray for everyone getting an A!) and we add or subtract points from this based on things like turning your beginning of year forms in on time, extra credit, attendance at any concerts in the future, etc.
In Treble Choir and Anchormen, your “Music Theory Grade” will be worth 30% of your trimester score.
In Singers and Acappella, your “History Grade” and any arranging homework that may get assigned will be worth 30% of your trimester score. This will be calculated as an average of all your homework scores along with any test or quiz scores over the course of the trimester.
The final 20% of your trimester grade will come from your Final Exam, which in Treble and Anchormen will be a Theory Exam, and in Singers and Acappella will be the Choral History Exam.
Late work will result in a lowering of the grade by 10% for each day that it is late. In general, we are giving you multiple asynchronous days to complete your work and, in the case of Music Theory (1st/2nd hours) you will also have time in class each week to complete your work during the non-singing part of the class.
Here is an example of what this looks like in real time: CLICK HERE!