MSCA $300 Scholarship Audition Information

NEW! The Mona Shores Choir Association is again offering up to 20, $300 Scholarships for students to use to study private voice lessons with the teacher of their choice, or the money can be used to help pay for a summer music camp as well. Due to the pandemic, there will not be a requirement of going to solo and ensemble this year, but instead being committed to being on time, regularly attending, having a positive attitude, taking it seriously and outside of lesson time practice will be expected.  If not, lessons can be terminated at the discretion of your choir music staff or lessons instructor.

Typically, these auditions were held last spring and singers each sing a solo in front of a judge. This year, we’ve decided to do the auditions virtually. Anyone who has already sent in an audition video for Allegros has nearly completed the process!

If you have completed an Allegros Audition already we will use this video for your scholarship audition as well. The last step for you is indicating your interest, by filling out this form:


If you did not audition for the musical, but would like to submit an audition video, choose an audition song from the musical and record yourself singing it no later than this week Sunday, Nov. 1st, by 5:00pm and fill out the form above.

Here are the tools you need to complete this process:



HERE IS A LINK TO ALL OF THE SHEET MUSIC. There are also hard copy packets in the choir room.

Men’s Callbacks Packet A

Men’s Callbacks Packet B

Women’s Callbacks Packet A

Women’s Callbacks Packet B

Video Submission Instructions-DUE SUNDAY BY 5PM

Here is the process you must follow:

  • We will provide recordings of each audition song’s accompaniment, which can be found on the choir blog.
  • The video needs to be from the waist up, and you need to be centered in the shot.
  • Please start the video by stating your name, grade and which song you will be singing.
  • Do your best to make sure that there is no obvious background noise in your recording, and that the lighting is good enough that we can see your face.
  • Be certain prior to submitting your video that you have reviewed it and are happy with the quality. You can only submit one video.


If you are interested in digging in and learning what your are singing about in the songs of this show, consider reading this interpretation.We always sing better when we have some background and insight into the song!

Follow this link for the details: CLICK HERE!

DEADLINE: Video Submissions are due on Sunday, November 1st, no later than 5 pm.

We would recommend that you make every attempt to complete your video well before the deadline. Waiting until the last day is strongly discouraged, as the deadline is inflexible.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Submissions need to be emailed to JaiLynn at Sending it anywhere else (like to Lawton, for example) could result in you not being considered for the cast of the show.