New York City Itinerary

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for….Just two days away!!

New York City Itinerary

We also have the bus lists now. We tried to keep you with the people you are rooming with but if you are unhappy let me know right away and I’ll see what I can do. Go here:

Bus Lists

Finally if you look to the left, under “Blogroll”, I have now also included links to all of the musicals we are going to see (Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King and Spamalot)

The Countdown To Pop Go the Sailors Auditions

As of Monday, April 9th,2007 there are:

14 days until Pop auditions on Monday, April 23rd. Only 10 school days and only 8 school days for seniors going to NYC (We leave this Thursday!).

If you are planning on Mr. D’Oyly accompanying you for the audition, you must have your music to him by this Wednesday (April 11th).

We have 10 rehearsals to learn all of our vocal parts before our choreographers begin coming in. We have another 12 rehearsal days until Pop Week at that point.

Come On In!

Hello students, parents and friends. I would like to welcome you to a new and exciting method of communication for our choirs….THE MONA SHORES HIGH SCHOOL CHOIR BLOG. Here you will find comprehensive and up to the minute information about the activities of our program.  Come in and take a look around.